Thursday, 30 October 2014

Fun Take: Bigg Boss House Mein FARRA!!! :)

FARRA! Single tense & FARREY Plural tense! LOL

 I am sure most students who have had anything to do with North India and education there, know what a Farra is! And North Indians who emigrated to schools of other parts of India and outside, too would have made their other friends familiar with what a FARRA means!

Well simply put, a Farra is a Cheat Sheet!Tongue

Exam time, many higher stage School & College students transform into Rajasthani Miniature art specialists & using thinnest of pen nibs, scribble down on thin strips of papers,  notes  & formulas for reference / copying down during exam!Blushing

Some play extra safe by not using strips of paper but their palms & hands! LOL

Neediest ones, even copy down the entire chapters on paper strips! Depending upon your need & how tough the exam invigilators are, FARREY are concealed in shirt's front pocket, side pockets of trousers / shirts, inside socks & even undergarments! Geek

I swear in my Engineering class one genuinely, eternally needy classmate of mine used to scribble down all 18-20 chapter topics of the semester subject into dozens of FARREY and then jot down their  precise locations in one MASTER FARRA!  Geek

So his Master Farra, say for Thermodynamics exam would read TLP->HE & SL of TD, --------------TRP--> En, Sp H, -----------LSL-  CVF of Cons Laws,---------------- LSR- St. T & St En, LSF--> O&D Cy etc.

(For the completely clueless, it means Trouser Left Pocket-Heat Engines & Second Law of Thermodynamics, --------------------Trouser Right Pocket-->Enthalpy, Specific Heats----------------Left Sock Left-->Control Volume Form of Conservation Laws, ---------- Left Sock Right-->Stagnation Temperatue & Stagnation Enthalpy, ----------Left Sock Front---> Otto & diesel Cycles!------Clap

Similarly other locations could be LSB, RSL, RSR, RSF, RSB, BP etc. Go figure!Day Dreaming
Obviously, a struggle to remember which FARRA contains what information can lead to a complete disaster during those 'crucial 3 hours'!Dead

 Inspite of massive temptations & even genuine needs, I could never muster up the courage to use a FARRA at any level of exam, though on one occasion, I had to suffer the humiliation of getting my answer sheet brutally snatched away at half way mark because of someone else's FARRA.Angry

Ram Lal, my classmate tossed a laser guided FARRA for his beloved Angoori Devi & clumsy catcher that she was, the FARRA, bounced off her palms & landed at my feet! Ermm
Just as I bent down to pick it up & hand it over to Angoori, the zaalim invigilator Shaitaan Singh swooped down on my neck just like an eagle lands on an unsuspecting frog! Evil Smile 
I had too much of a man inside me to land a girl, the pretty Angoori Devi, in any kind of trouble! So my paper got snatched away and after exam, I did thrash Ram Lal for not giving proper catching lessons to Angoori! (All  names changed to protect  their present states of reputation)! Ermm

Oh God! So what do FARRA or FARREY have to do with Bigg Boss-8?
Fair bit actually! Tongue

Currently flavor of the week, the favourite punching bag of Bigg Boss viewers, Ms. Karishma Tanna has come to the Bigg Boss House, armed with her own FARRA!Clap

 She has done an in-depth study of past three seasons, and in her diary, noted down the Champ behavior she is supposed to copy and execute, from Champions of past!Dancing

1.       It is her FARRA note No.1, that made her seize kitchen, like past Champs Ms. Gauhar Khan & Ms. Joohi Mooli Parmar.Clap

Not for nothing is it said that to do NAKAL, one needs AKAL & Ms. Tanna is clearly lacking in that department! Confused

While Gauhar-Juhi were in everyone's good books for being excellent cooks, Tanna babe is killing those who don't eat spicy stuff and annoying those who wish to cook too!Dead

2.       Karishma Tanna's FARRA note 2 said she must cry at every given opportunity! She has made careful notes of how time and again proven champions like Juhi Ji, Gauhar Ji and even Shweta Ji broke down. Tanna feels tears will win her fans and votes galore! Praneet Bhatt says to his mom, "Hi Mummy!", Karishma goes Booo---Hooo!Cry --------------Karishma decides to play the almighty "Women Humiliated on National TV Card", she does "Puneet Papa---Bwaaa-haaa-Bwaa-Haaa!"CryCryClumsy execution of an otherwise excellent strategy one feels!Confused

3.       FARRA Note-3 says romance like Gauhar!Heart----------- Problem Tanna babe is facing is Mount Everest is exactly 8848m higher than sea level! -----------How does she settle for  a Tingu in house?Shocked------------Only people who match her Himalyan heights are Papa Puneet Issar and unkempt Aarya Babbar! So for now, Tanna Babe is hoping her Bigg Boss Sapno Ka Raj Kumar would be a wild card entry! If wild cards turn out to be like Tingus of past (Ajaz Khan types), don't get surprised if Ms. Tanna extends her arm over the house fence, plucks out a rose from the front side of  Bigg Boss House and does a romantic waltz with Aarya Babbar! And Tanna will execute a few bone crushing hugs like these as well: 

4.       Farra Note-4 Says hog like there is no tomorrow. Tanna babe has always taken care to ensure she is slim n trim like proverbial bean pole, but, Bigg Boss ke liye kucchh bhi karoongi, say her notes. She hadnoted with disbelief how Juhi Ji, Gauhar Ji ate noisily with a Chapp-Chapp-Sudukk-Sudukk sound...and who is Karishma to question the champs? Few more days and watch Tanna swallowing food at every opportunity!Clap

5.       Farra Note-5 of Ms. Tanna says she must put Salman Khan in his place and ensure there is a Twitter Trend wave of #DownWithSalmanKhan,   #HirooAuntyNotHindustan. She did try to emulate Champ Gauhar yesterday but being a bad student that she is, once again landed with a massive thud!Dead

6.       Farra Note-6 of Karishma Tanna records that she must apply 6 coats of Make up on her face and emulate Husn-ki-Dukaan, Bigg Boss-7 ki shaan Ms. Gauhar Khan!Embarrassed

As Tanna lacks the natural cuteness, sweetness of Gauhar Ji's face and the sheer force of Gauhar Ji's personality, needless to mention this one bombed too!Dead
Extra coats of Kamla Brand make up kit never had any chance when hairdo chosen seemed so atrocious...Ouch

Instead of emulating cutu-sweetu Gauhar, poor execution of Farra Note-6 ensured Ms. Tanna resembling more like an Icchhadhaari Naagin in agony!Dead

7.       Just in case you thought the Karishma Tanna's FARRA unleashed horror is over, wait till she executes this pose of Juhi Ji. This pose would have a ghastly Tanna twist, sometime around End-October!Geek

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