Monday, 28 October 2013

Big Boss has a chat with Asif & a Task!-Undekha Action


BIG BOSS: Asif...

ASIF: Jee Beeg Bosh! Confused

BIG BOSS: Bahut pareshan se lag rahe ho aap!

ASIF (Sad looks):  ConfusedJee Beeg Bosh!------Shooru mein job hom aaya thha, toh sobhi se mulakaat aacchha laaga thha---------Kintu, obhi hom sobka real fashe dekha hai---ek dom real shokol dekha hai sobka!----------- Bohoot khaaraab laagta hai obhi---------saala, blaaind traast maara hom in ghotiya logon kaa oopor!Ermm

BIG BOSS: Aapki pareshaani ki koi khaas wazah Asif?

ASIF (long sad pause):Confused Sob homko daant maarta hai Beeg Bosh! --------------(long pause)----Hom saala sobka Taatti sofaayi korta hoon, phir bhi koi seedha mookh se baat naahin korta homse. -------------Ormaani daant maarta hai homko, Confused-----------Gaauhaar bolta hai don't talk Sheet!Ermm------------Wo saala Andy bhi bolta hai baat maut koro homse!-----------Homko baahir nikaalo Beeg Bosh!----------Hom shotti kautha bolta hai-----ek-dom reayaal baat---- hom paagol ho jaayega ihaan por!Cry

BIG BOSS: Asif. Big Boss chaahte hain, ki aap apne nirnay par thande dimaag se vichaar karein aur is Vishay par Big Boss aapse dobaara baat karenge!

ASIF (resigned voice): Jee Beeg Bosh!Unhappy

BIG BOSS: Asif, -----Big Boss chaahte hain----------ki abse theek chaar ghanton ke baad, aap dobaara confession room mein aayein aur Big Boss ko koi Gaana ya Kavita sunaayein. ------Big Boss aasha karte hain, ki Gaane ya Kavita ki tayyari mein aap vyast rahenge aur nakaaraatmak vichaar aapko pareshaan naheen karenge!Star

ASIF: Shocked Nokaaraatmok motlob?Shocked

BIG BOSS (Coughs): Nakaaratmak vichaar matlab Negative thoughts Asif.---------Ab aap jaa sakte hain!

Four Hours later, a very excited Asif returns and sings out his effort to Big Boss!Clap 

ASIF: Big Bosh, homaara gaan, Solmaan Khaan ka, Main Korun toh Shaala, Character Dheela hai ka oopor based hai!...Here I go...Smile

Beeg Bosh-Saat, Jeetne Ka Nosha Sobse Nosheela Hai!
Jishe Ddekho, yahaan wo, planning ki Saazish Mein Geela Hai!Wink
Beeg Bosh-Saat, Jeetne Ka Nosha Sobse Nosheela Hai!
Jishe Ddekho, yahaan wo, planning ki Saazish Mein Geela Hai!Wink


Kooshal choome Gaauhaar Ko, Taanisha Ormaaan Se Chipka Hai!Embarrassed
Jise dekho, wo ek-dooje ka, Baanhon Mein Leepta Hai!!Blushing
Shongraam naache-Andy ka shong, Pratyusha Kaamiya Se Chipka Hai!
Jise dekho, wo ek-dooje ka, Baanhon Mein Leepta Hai!!Blushing


Goodbye Asif! Thanks for True Love Story of Season....

Asif's farewell episode...Smile

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Evil Smile Big Boss! Evil Smile

A brutal game show where a bunch of individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences get locked together in one house, have no exit option and get subjected to testing conditions and demanding tasks. Hardships and different natures of contestants leads to a Man eat Man and Woman tear Apart Woman and all trying to spear out each other! Evil SmileSometimes alone, sometimes using a concerted group attack!

So whats new now?

Asif Azim!

One man who was so different from the rest. Clap

One man who showed it is possible to retain your core values of decency and gentle-manliness and yet, come out of the game with your head held high. This gentle, polite, handsome young man from Bangladesh surely made viewers sit up and take notice and left the show amidst most viewers clapping a good bye to him with moist eyes and a heavy heart!Clap

As they showed his journey to Big Boss house and his time spent there, it all came out so beautifully in one little capsule! The evil, deceitful nature of various contestants and yet, triumph of true love and great friendship in the end!Clap

Was it worth it Asif?

All along I felt Asif was a misfit for house. Too good to make a serious progress there. But in hindsight, I feel Asif's was a brilliant inclusion. If only to expose, to what mean depths his fellow contestants, to whom he never did any mean thing, could descend to.Confused

Look at these characters Dead:

Armaan Kohli: Thumbs Down Undoubtedly the biggest abuser in house who lets loose a volley of Maa Ki, Behan Ki at the drop of a hat! Dead

He bullied Asif time and again, despised him for no apparent reason.  And Armaan of all the people, nominated Asif giving a reason,"ZUBAAN par control naheen hai Asif ko---Isliye nominate kar raha hoon."Wacko  

GAUHAR KHAN: Thumbs Down The serial liar in house, who lies because of her uncontrollable impulse to shoot off her mouth first and think later, if at all, manufactured a "Asif was checking me out and I was saying Hello dude, are you checking me out?" Dead
And when confronted by Asif from stage, Madam first shot out a,"I never said that.." and then when told its on Clip,"That happened on first day.."Wacko  

KUSHAL TANDON:  Thumbs Down The most bad-tameez insaan in house who can descend to gutter levels by calling a woman inside a box as Biggest Kachra in house...Motu Haathi", Dead and then take it to Paatal levels with a "36 year old fatso, flop good for nothing actress"look at your sis, look at yourself...", Dead believe it or not nominated Asif with a "Tameez nahin hai Asif ko ladkiyon se baat karne ki..."GeekSilly  

PRATUSHA: Thumbs Down If you thought above was tragedy, here comes Miss Comedy. LOL One who anointed herself as the most successful and most popular in another Big Boss task and has been so pompous about her success (?) and Popularity, said about Asif,"Apni bahut taareef karte hain Asif.."WackoErmm  

 Asif got bullied by Armaan, Gauhar, Kushal, Kamya, Pratyusha...Tanisha remained a mute spectator! 

One of the most disgusting acts came from Andy, when he cruelly mimicked Asif, clearly knowing he has a language handicap and can not express himself clearly in a very fast argument situation.Dead  

Language barrier and an inherent gentle nature meant Asif could neither bitch like those around him nor fight back aggressively when brutally attacked!  All seemed lost for the guy and it seemed a matter of time he would come out of house, broken and in despair!Confused
And then the miracle happened!Smile  

Big Boss team sent in Heaven, the gorgeous Golden Retriever Dog! And Asif found his companion! His soul-mate!Day Dreaming  

It was a joy to see Heaven in Asif's company and the happiness on Asif's face each time they showed footage of him with Heaven!  Each time one observed the special bonding between Asif and Heaven, it touched the innermost core.
Please do not ignore, Heaven himself came from a home where he obviously must be extremely attached to, for want of a better discription, his REAL owner/s!

Just imagine how tough it must be for a grown up dog like Heaven to be suddenly thrown into a house with 12-13 complete strangers? Just imagine Heaven's confusions and insecurities when he suddenly discovered himself inside a strange house with 12-13 screaming-shrieking individuals!Confused

The sensitive Dog was looking for assurance, love and warmth!
Asif the lonely and emotionally brutalized man needed someone to understand him, someone to be his side!

And in one miraculous moment, THEY FOUND EACH OTHER!Smile

Any genuine Dog lover would testify, a Dog's love is total soul surrender, whole-hearted and truly unconditional.  It took no time for Heaven to figure out who in the house loved him the most and thereafter, Heaven was Asif's and Asif, Heaven's!HugDay Dreaming

An apprehensive Heaven cautiously analyzing whether the risk of plunging into the pool was worth it or not and then assured by seeing presence of his Asif, taking the plunge  in complete trust, can make anyone get an emotional lump in throat...Cry  

Big Boss show is not meant for gentle souls like Asif and it was time for him to take leave of the house! And above all bid a good bye to his Heaven!Confused

It undoubtedly was one of the most touching moments this season and I dare say, we will never have any moment like this ever again!

Dogs by instinct know when things are not right and Heaven's restlessness, as Asif bid him goodbye, was to be seen to be believed! 

Asif left -----------Confused

-----and for a long time, the gentle Heaven, kept sniffing the exit gate!Confused

Desperately hoping, his Asif would be back. 

Heaven kept sniffing for faintest traces of his Asif's scent. And I can daresay, when out of house, Asif too wouldn't have left immediately. For a few priceless moments, he too must have stood there on the other side of door, missing his Heaven!Cry  

As Asif watched the trauma of Heaven, dog lover that he is, he broke down on stage and made me and I am sure hundreds of thousands of viewers across the world, break down with tears in eyes and a lump in throat!Cry  

It was there for all to see how Salman Khan got touched by this beautiful story of true love and genuine bond between Asif and Heaven.
As Salman hugged Asif, Asif would have sobbed uncontrollably, just as any Dog lover would have, who witnessed this most memorable display of Love and Bonding of the truest nature, of highest level...unselfish & total love for each other! ClapClapClap  

Well done Asif. Well done Heaven! ClapClapClap  

Bahut acchha Mulakaat thha! 

Aap dono ka ek doosre ke saath aur Hum Viewers Ka Aap Dono Ke Saath!