Sunday, 27 October 2013

Horror! Purana Mandir Characters- In Big Boss House!

Vintage Horror lovers, enjoy PURANA MANDIR (Those who do not want to watch the movie, just listen to the Samri Music from 2.20 M onwards for 1 minute and imagine our 'Samri' rising up every moonless night to this music and executing his next kill... : Tongue

Think of a classic Ramsay Brothers Horror Movie like Puraana Mandir, Band Darwaaza, Khooni Mahal, Pyaasi Chudail etc.Evil Smile

Various Big Boss Characters seem to be straight out of a movie like that...

1. ARMAAN SAMRI (He could easily replace Shaitaan Samri) Evil Smile


In her cheap, blood red Kamla brand Lipstick, she is resembling the  Village Belle who years ago got molested by Village Zamindar, got killed and got transformed into Sasti Chudail who scares poor villagers with her Ghunghroo steps amidst foggy nights, every night at the stroke of 12!Evil Smile

She is ruling the territory around her Banyan tree, until, she makes the fatal mistake of pouncing on Shaitaan Armaan Samri and gets choked out of her Chudail life as well...Evil Smile


Visitors from 'Shahar', are two bimbos, Gauhar and Pratyusha who will take two showers in bathroom that will result in bathroom tap throwing up sprinkle red colored water (blood silly), a Sasta Hero-who all Villagers will address as Kushal Babu.Confused

Hero's also will have a dumb-muscular friend, who will be Sangram. This chap will do body building all the time, even as his frustrated girlfriend Pratyusha would wish the dumbo to keep dumb-bells aside and sing a duet with her instead!ConfusedShocked

This pehelwaan friend Sangram a bit before the end, will challenge Armaan Samri and after a valiant fight lose his life (death symbolized by white contact lenses showing eye balls turned white)...Geek

Bimbos will successfully manage to find a swimming pool in a village that has only two hand pumps and a Village Thakur's well for water otherwise and will take a few dives in this pool, much to the delight of front benches in movie hall...Dancing

4. ANDY is resembling Aadha Paagal Maali (Gardener) who every 20 minutes, jumps in unexpectedly with a scary shriek of,"Sab Mar Jaayenge---Three witches will rot in hell...). WackoSilly

This fellow makes many, who are not familar with Ramsay Brothers' movie-craft, falsely believe he is the Satanic soul, till, he serves his utility by trying to hold onto Shaitaan Armaan Samri in second last reel of film, allowing Shahar Ki ladkis Pratyusha & Gauhar to run away from Armaan Saamri and save their lives.Clap

Needless to say, Aadha Paagal Andy Maali also dies in end. Yeah, eyeballs turning Birla white, thanks to imported contact lenses by Keshu Ramsay!Confused

5. Tanisha resembling the soul-possessed Zamindaar ki Beti, who is the only one who believes Armaan Samri is wronged and listens to her foolish heart instead of otherwise, seemingly sensible brain!Confused

Needless to say, pays a very heavy price in the end getting rewarded with her own pair of white contact lenses...Confused

6. KUSHAL BABU: He is the sasta budget hero of this ghastly movie. His only job in the movie is to console his heroine, the bimbo Gauhar with a,"Babu daro nahin...Main hoon naa Babu?"! Dead

He will remain clueless throughout the movie even as he completes his schedule of singing 6 semi-vulgar songs with scantily clothed Gauhar and wipe her off with a towel each time her shower tap throws up red water...(Ufff blood yaar)...or each time she comes out of that swimming pool...


Thaakur's dog...Clap

Each Moonless night when Armaan Samri would zombily zoom in on his next victim, this cute dog would go wild and bark non stop, head pointed sky-words! Geek------------Relentless bark of 3 minutes and Aadha Paagal Maali Andy would send shiver down the spine of scared viewers with a cold, shrill shriek of his,"Sab mar jaayenge----the three witches will rot in hell!"Evil Smile

Since Ramsay Brothers / Big Boss team can not think of any better creative idea, Pandit Janardan will address Kushal Babu as MOORKH KUNDALI, but still to save Villagers will give Kushal Babu the Shiv Ji ke Mandir waala Trishul and finally Armaan Saamri will get nailed with the help of this Trishul!ClapClapClap


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