Monday, 28 January 2013

BARFI-So much like Real Life-Fun Take on Barfi!! :)

Bollywood churns out entertaining stuff, Bollywood offers slick stuff, Bollywood makes racy stuff------only problem and complaint is, it comes up with products (films), that have nothing or very little atleast, to do with reality and real life! Very Sad indeed!Confused

This is why when a once in a blue moon, novelty film like BARFI comes, one just sits back, watches open mouthed and applauds! 

Fans as well as critics like Adarsh-Vadarsh, Masand-Ghusand, Jha-Vaas are gushing alike how real BARFI seems and sounds and who can disagree? Just loved the movie! Clap

Guys, if you have hots for a sexy, hot, Bengali Bhabhi Ji in your neighborhood, please listen to Cruiser Baba's time tested advice and exercise self-control. Thumbs Up

Just as Shri-Shri 1001 baar Shri Amitabh Bacchhan Ji crooned years ago,"Paraaya Dhan, Paraayi Naar Pe Nazar Mat Daalo----Buri Aadat Hai Ye Aadat-Abhi Badal Daalo---Kyunki----Ye Aadat Toh Who Aag Hai Jo----------Ik Din Apna Ghar Phoonke-Phoonke Re------". Confused

But inspite of Cold water, Saatvik Food, Kapaal Bhaanti and Anulom-Vilom, if you still get turned on each time this Ria, Raima, Rimi whatever else Sen turns up infront of you, totally avoid doing anything Filmy and get inspired by BARFI!Tongue

Yes Gentlemen, BARFI which is so near to life like reality, shows you the path for success.
Avoid ghisa-pita stuff like waiting at Bus stop, offering flowers, passing in Bong babe's direction your coy blushes and 3rd rate filmy stuff like," Is this Hanky yours Ms. Sen??" Dead

Follow BARFI. Like Mr. BARFI, pluck out your hair growth inside your nostrils,Dead come up with Gargling sound at every opportunity,DeadDead and start an endless run of buffoonery and crazy antics.DeadDeadDead

This much would be enough to floor your neighborhood Bipasha / Raima / Ria / Rimmi whatever she calls herself and she would be so happy to kick her well settled, career minded specimen at home called her husband. But for whatever reasons, if she still doesn't come out of her Agni ke around 7-Phera deadlock, please enter the nearby local Police station. Star

BARFI is so much like real life, so you will find a 260 Pound Inspector who is a born over actor like Saurabh Shukla Ji.Ouch

This Inspector would oblige you with endless series of Tom and Jerry chases in which Jerry (you silly), always has the last laugh! Clap

Sexy Bangaalan  ofcourse would be witnessing all these buffoon chases Tongue and needless to say, each chase would inspire her to kick bum of her husband even more, even if apparently the poorhubby has done nothing wrong to her! Ouch

Hubby's crime ofcourse is that he doesn't pluck out his nostril hair, gargles with bathroom door closed and doesn't embark on an endless series of buffoon runs and chases!

CAUTION: Your chases should not be filmy! They should be just as chases and crash effects are  in real life... in other words, just as in BARFI!

So if you are hanging onto the rod at train bogey's door, please do not end up dying if your head smashes into Electric pole by the train track side. Just fall down like Mr. BARFI, brush your trousers with your hands and stand up as if it is just another day in office for you! Clap

You must go through these bumps and crashes almost every five minutes, at times your head will bang the pole at times your bicycle will rip open into a million parts, but just as in real life and as in case of Mr. BARFI, nothing ever will happen to you. Don't worry at all.

Cruiser Baba is anaadi when it comes to analysing life as well as people. His observations and study of people has convinced him that when it comes to relationships, girls, indeed are the smarter sex. Cruiser Baba has had the fortune of traveling to 4 continents and 23 Countries at last count and in No Daaroo Bar anywhere he ever noticed, even one sulking and lamenting DEVDASI. Only endless counts of guys turned DEVDASs! 

Short Devdas, Tall Devdas, Bearded Devdas, Clean Shaven Devdas, Sad looking Devdas, Sadder looking Devdas-----point is not a single Devdasi!Thumbs Down  

It is because like fools guys promise,"Chaand le aaunga, Taare Tod doonga tumhare liye---" and start living in their make believe world! Girls are smarter species. They know their precise limits and on D-day, smartly hop on to DOLI or Mercedes offered by a better available option.

Yes Girls are emotional by default and if indeed they are in a situation where they have to kick butt of their Majnoo and drive into bungalow of another Rahul / Rehan / Rupinder, they cry hysterically and shed Ganga-Jamuna volumes of tear supply! Most onlookers confuse it for  girl's emotional attachment to her parents-siblings-home!

Majnoo ends up in DEEPA Bar, puffing out onion rings of smoke, blankly staring at ceiling, gulping down litres of alcohol to burn his liver, kidneys and intestines!Cry  

But Cruiser is wrong after all. BARFI, like real life, shows how a well settled, young, sexy & gorgeous lady can kick her marriage if you behave like BARFI! Give it a try guys!...and yeah, ladies too! Look around your house! Who knows a nostrils picking, gargling deaf-mute could be your answer to that 'missing spark' in your married lives!

Whatever little one has observed around, if a deaf-mute can speak out even one word incoherently, usually he / she comes up with quite a few sounds for various words and objects. E.g. It could be BUFFYY for his own name and AAAYIIN for Paani, ORE for Door, Offie for Toffee etc., but how many times I have to say this, BARFI is like real life! So our man and his similar state girlfriend only come up with one sound BUFFFYYY!! BUFFFYYY! No other sound absolutely!!!...

May be SUSU was another word that being-a-girl-and-thus-smarter Priyanka came up in film once, but BARFI stays truthful to script of life and Dibakar Bannerji and only emits one sound periodically-BUFFFYYY! Clap

Embarrassed Confession: Embarrassed Once in Austria, Cruiser Baba had the privilege of spending some time with Children in a care Center for Autistic children. While it was such a moving experience to be able to share some time with these wonderful children, but for BARFI, how would dumb Cruiser have known that these kids DO NOT admire Sky, Clouds and the birds soaring up above? Shocked

BARFI finally revealed these kids are actually looking upwards from time to time to check, if their special friend is periodically tossing up his shoes / shorts or not!Clap
Confused about your own name? Shocked

Well, if your dad named you Rahmatullah and if you and your girlfriend pronounce your name as RAHH-ULLAH, then you definitely are a ---



  1. "Claps & Whistles" You are ten times more lovable than BARFee! of course also it helps that I'll never see pick your nose, hear you gargle your gullet or see you being chased by a multi-ton road roller!Awesome!

    1. Glad you enjoyed and laughed at that take Al Sabah!.....Thanks a tonne and May God Bless.... :)