Saturday, 16 November 2013

Liar Sangram- 'Truth' of Commonwealth Wrestling Gold Medal

If after reading this piece, you feel there is merit to it, you may consider tweeting to Big Boss, Colors TV and your followers this message:
Time to #ExposeSangramSingh Remaining silent over fraud is being part of crime #bb7

For me, Sangram or any one else on a Big Boss Show is 'Just another contestant' and like many of you, I too am only interested in observing finer traits of human behaviour and how different individuals behave when confronted with identical set of circumstances, in caged settings.
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Before BB-7 got underway, I had no clue who is Gauhar, Tanisha (yeah, never watched her movies), Andy, Ajaz, Sofiya, Elli, Hazel...knew a bit of Rajat as Tsunami Singh, Kamya as an actor in Comedy Circus, Armaan as Naag in Jaani Dushman-Ek Anokhi Kahaani...No idea about Pratyusha etc.Geek

What is the big deal about Sangram then?Ermm

Only thing that bugged me is this guy, through his website and through Salman Khan on TV, made an astounding claim that in 2006 Commonwealth Wrestling, he won a GOLD MEDAL at South Africa!Wacko

Salman Khan on TV said (Vijeta Ka Samman Episode), Sangram, aapne 2006 South Africa Commonwealth Wrestling mein Gold Medal Jeeta. Our man blushed and said,"Haanji Sir"!Blushing Leaving viewers as well as housemates open mouthed and full of admiration!GeekClap

As someone who follows sports with some interest, I knew this is plain bullshit!Angry

It didn't take more then 2 minutes to confirm, 2006 Commonwealth Games were held at Melbourne, not Durban..Dead

Still gave him the benefit of doubt...and glanced at 2005 Wrestling results:

In the 96 Kg category where his claim to fame lies, Official results state:

96.0 kg
Kumar, Satish 2 - IndiaClap

Short, John - South Africa
Jacobs, Nico - Namibia

So having established that no Sangram Singh, NO SANJIT KUMAR DANGI, had anything to do with representing India in Wrestling, forget about winning a Medal...Dead...proceeded further!

In a similar topic here, where THE BOSS & Shrishti_IF contended the same thing, that Sangram's claim is a hoax and I too contributed extensively, I discovered some friends here defended Sangram's claim claiming that as Sanjit Kumar Dangi, he won a Gold Medal in 96 Kg Greco Wrestling event at 2009 at Jullundhur.Unhappy

Now, if you are a champion sportsperson, who won a Gold Medal in a particular year, I very much doubt you would turn a case of Short Term Memory Loss case! Ermm

I mean come on! We know India won Cricket World Cup in 2011! Even if in their deep sleep you wake up Dhoni or Tendulkar, or Yuvraj Singh and congratulate them for winning 2007 World Cup, they will smile and tell you, in 2007 we got knocked out in first round----it was 2011 we won Son!LOL

But even granting Sangram to be a Ghazni, I landed at the Wiki Page where indeed for 2009 there was an entry of Sanjit Kumar Dangi, as a Gold Medalist for 96 Kg Greco Roman wrestling event there! Geek what was this then?Shocked

Obviously, Wiki can be edited by anyone and a fake entry can remain there until someone spots it and corrects it!LOL

Kya karta??Ermm

Informed one of my friend who is smart with this stuff and he corrected it from Wiki! Thumbs UpClap

But not before I got an authenticated confirmation from Commonwealth Wrestling Association itself!Thumbs Up

Dropped them a small mail:

And they were prompt and professional in answering backClap:

Myth busted, got hold of authenticated results for 2009 Commonwealth Wrestling Games and last fig leaf that Lying, Nangoo Sangram was left with, has been robbed off him too and now, a correction has been made on Wiki Page as well:

Here is the Wiki link:

One mistake that I made is that I informed COLORS TV of their goof up, in the hope that they would come up with a DHAMAAKA EPISODE, where they would first play the old clip of Salman honoring Sangram with description of his 'Medals & Awards' and then exposing his lies! Evil Smile

Should have known better!Dead

Sangram Singh has been a participant on COLORS TV produced kid Wrestling stuff DE-DHANA-DHAN and obviously 'their Man'!

Its unfortunate and an insult to all wrestlers who go through the grind and reach the pinnacles of glory representing their country and winning Medals for India, but thats the way it stands unfortunately!

COLORS not just protected this guy's phony claims, but I suspect, they must have got lots of complaints about false claims of Sangram Medals and have decided to ignore them all! Thumbs Down

Funnily, his website is still crowing about a Gold Medal in Commonwealth Championships at South Africa in 2006.ROFL

Look at his website (AWARDS) page:

Its simple!

This guy is a body builder, who makes a living out of reality shows and to 'Sell' him to various channels, his PR team has 'MADE' him a Marketable commodity for TV channels!  LOL

He has done some extremely poor level Pro wrestling in South Africa where Bollywood pro actor Sharat Saxena plays the role of his Mentor-coach and they have these stories like-Sangram ke Bhai ko maar daala Zabala ne, Kya Sangram Zabala se badla lega aaj?ROFL...

...Do YouTube search and have a good laugh at Sangram wrestling, but please do not insult Indian wrestlers like Sushil Kumar by accepting that Sangram types can win a Gold Medal in an International event!Dead

Other claims of Awards & Medals on his website, are equally laughable!

There is nothing like Rajiv Gandhi Award, President Award, Chhatrapati Shivaji Award for Best Sportsman etc. All is humbug there! Dead

Rather than blindly accepting his crude PR team's super crude work on his Awards page, do a google and YouTube Search of all his Awards and Medal searches and ask yourself the most basic questions:

1. Is there indeed an Award / Medal by the name claimed?

2. Who all have won these very awards / claims in past years and this year?

If Sangram's PR team sells stories like he is a case of pre-mature delivery, he had health issues, he made a good body overcoming all that, has done a bit of pro wrestling in a virtually unknown South African league, his current girlfriend is Payal Rohtagi...FINE! Thats OK.Thumbs Up

But the Medals and Awards mentioned?? Geek

At best a few of them are Honorary things by little known Gali-Mohalla associations!

More than Sangram, its COLORS & Big Boss India that deserves to be condemned! Dead

Just let him be a contestant who does a bit of Reality TV, has done some poor Pro level wrestling, fine!

But Wrestling Gold Medal for India? President Award (for what?)...Rajiv Gandhi Award (for what again...does his PR team even know whats a Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award?)!Angry


Never knew some one can attempt fakeness of this scale!Geek

And then some say Gauhar, Kamya and Tanisha are fake!ErmmShocked

Atleast they did not claim they won Gold Medals representing India in Athletics or Swimming or that they are proud winners of some Laxmibai Award for National Ekta or Asaram Paapu Award for Blind Faith and Foolish Devotion!Dead

**In the following thread started by Srishti_IF,  there are some excellent inputs from Rockyport61 and BigBoss nailing many of the fake claims in Sangram's Website!

I am reasonably confident his pic where Ex-President APJ Kalam is shown honoring him is either a Photoshop job or, pic of some token Honorary felicitation ceremony! LOL

COLORS produced the De Dhanadan Comedy wrestling in which Sangram is a 'Star'! LOL

They know everything about Sangram and have taken him in De Dhanadan as well as Big Boss, fully knowing the complete truth about him. Tongue

Watch this:

One can watch a few glimpses of Sangram Singh 'fights', here! Sharat Saxena. (Films Ghulam, Baghban, Ghayal, Tumko Naa Bhool Paayenge etc.)...LOL

Open challenge to Team Sangram!

Come up with a Video Link to prove Sangram won a Commonwealth Wrestling Championship Medal! Something like:


  1. Sangram is fake. It is that crook Payal Rohtagi who has made him do all this nonsense.

  2. Excellent post. Sangram is busted. Salman should say sorry

  3. OMG. :-O
    Sangram Singh, Salman Khan & Bigg Boss team should apologize to the entire nation.

  4. Wat d hell????Fake sangram yuckkkkk

  5. This is so true but many people might not be aware of this unless this article goes viral.. though colors and BB7 team claims that this show is not scripted but many sites have posted that contestants r evicted by channel's and BB7 team decisions. This time as it is seen how decisions are biased BB7 team might make Sangram it's winner by claiming that he is the best contestant in the house which shouldn't be done..

  6. This is so true but many people might not be aware of this unless this article goes viral.. though colors and BB7 team claims that this show is not scripted but many sites have posted that contestants r evicted by channel's and BB7 team decisions. This time as it is seen how decisions are biased BB7 team might make Sangram it's winner by claiming that he is the best contestant in the house which shouldn't be done..

  7. fake read this

  8. omg.... its just outrageous
    a person can do anythn to be popular. .. evn if he has to telll infinite lies...

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