Friday, 20 September 2013

Armaan Kohli-Alpha Male is off the blocks first! (Big Boss-7)

Make no mistake about it!...Armaan Kohli is well and truly off the blocks &  how!Clap

Two episodes and Alpha Male of the House this season has made it clear he is not here to win a Popularity contest, nor is he standing in an election to get elected as an MP / MLA!LOL

Every season, Big Boss House Contestants come to the house with their own ideas and strategies and as a result, their respective positionings takes place!

As far as how a contestant will fare in the end, positioning of contestant in mind of BB Creative team is the most important! Once they make up their mind which contestant stands for what, with selective edits, carefully thought out tasks and rulings, they ensure, the image 'they have formed in mind', goes on strengthening on screen and viewers start perceiving the contestants that way too.Smile

Armaan Kohli, within two episodes is on a firm path of "Cut the Crap, Come to the Point' line! Thumbs Up

As I observed it, Gauhar Khan had made her point about 'wasted food because of Daal-Spill & need to ration', within first two sentences of her's!

Armaan is definitely not the one to take lectures and as soon as he got irked by Gauhar's going on and on and on and onConfused...and on and on Cry...and on and onDead..

.He promptly raised his Naag-Palm and made it clear that any more and he just won't hiss but bite her hard, if she didn't cut it then and there!Angry

Cut the crap, come to point
is what he made it known to his own friend Rajat Rawail also and thats what he is going to do in BB House.  Very quickly, he has established that he is the one, contestants need to be wary off and tackle.

Shilpa is the most DHOORT contestant in house and no prizes for guessing she would try everything possible to tackle Armaan! She would try to be in his good books, behind the back bitch about him, instigate others and the day she perceives she would be able to tackle Armaan, she will play to galleries and shed bucket-loads of tears on getting a mouthful!Dead

Gauhar, with her strategy of projecting herself as the righteous woman in house who goes on delivering monologues for what she believes in, stands no chance against either Armaan or most of the inmates. Tongue

Tanisha and Kamya are the ones who will outsmart Armaan in the end, but as of now, Alpha Male is off the blocks and is the first to establish HOW BB team and viewers would perceive him and firmly pitched himself as Lambi Race Ka Ghoda for this season! In sharp contrast, Kushal Tandon, hasn't even been noticed so far!LOL

Way to go Armaan...Go Man Go!!!PartyDancing  

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