Friday, 20 September 2013

Battle lines are firmly drawn-Shilpa vs Kamya (Big Boss-7)


There are skirmishes, Bandar ghudkis, Geedad Bhabhkis and meaningless screams, useless Cheekh-pukaars...

...and then there are genuine battles!Evil Smile

And this is going to be Mother of Big Boss battles!DancingParty

Yesss! Battle line is drawn! Make no mistake about it, real battle to watch out for is between Vamp Khopadi Kamya Punjabi and Shaatir-Dhoort Shilpa Agnihotri!Thumbs Up
Shilpa made her entry into BB House, did a few naqli sobs act of "Haaye Mera Pati Jahannum mein..." and has been having time of her life in Jannat ever since! 

She is relentlessly scheming, plotting and playing one housemate against another and her web of deceit and cunning, is surely going to have a long term impact on how relationships in BB House evolve this season!Tongue

And ironically, its not the members in Shilpa's group who have figured out what Shilpa is up to! Tongue

Chacha Chowdharay comics claim Chacha Chowdhary ka dimaag computer se bhi tez chalta hai!

No idea about Chacha Chowdhary but Vamp Khopadi Kamya's brain, definitely has a Pentium XIIIth generation Processor!

Precisely she figured out, Shilpa is the one playing real games on other side and went to the extent of forming up a plan, where, were Armaan to be given a power to pull one Jannat inmate to Jahannum, Shilpa was the one to be pulled this side! Awesome!Clap

But those who assume Kamya can outsmart Shilpa merely because of figuring out the biggest threat source, hold your horses!

Shilpa is definitely no push over! Were she to be Prem Chopra, she might as well have uttered those legendry lines,"Main woh bala hoon, jo sheeshe se patthar todta hoon...Prem naam hai mera, Prem Chopra!"

Within no time Shilpa herself had precisely figured out that it is Kamya who is the enemy number one on other side and discussed that with her colleagues. Thumbs Up
Shilpa has one huge advantage over Kamya and that is, this specimen called Apurva is her Jasoos-Khabri plant on the other side. Ermm

This creature's contribution to show so far has been to come to the fencing between Jannat and Jahannum, plant his one foot on fence doggy style and piss out a detailed report of 'Who Said What, When & To Whom', ------faithfully and word by word, to his Shaatir-Lomdi type Patni Shilpa!Dead

Unwittingly, male Bimbo of house, Kushal Sharaabi Tandon too has landed on Shilpa's side with his report of,"Kamya ne bola Shilpa ko jahannum mein lao and when I asked why, she said, ye tum naheen samjhoge..."!

So its a most fascinating scenario now!Dancing

Two extremely sharp women, (wish even one man in house had a fraction of brain of these ladies...MCPs, take that), have daggers concealed for one another and in this extreme battle of deceit, treachery,cunning and manipulations, others are destined to play roles of side kicks or little pawns at best!Confused

Naag-Man Armaan is in Jannat now and Kamya, like Chacha Chowdhary can use him as her trusted Sabu, to counter Shilpa's advantage of Jasoos-Khabri Pati in Jahannum camp! Star


Kamya can also hug Gauhar, play on her pain of eviction to Jahannum and take on Shilpa with resultant brainstorming sessions with Gauhar!Star

Jhelte Rahiye...Big Baas! Dead

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