Tuesday, 25 December 2012

10 Reasons Why Rajeev Paul Hates Imam Siddique! :(

Some times members wonder WHY Rajeev gets hyper at Imam and seems to be going overboard with Imam every time they face each other!Shocked

Well, Rajeev Paul has 10 genuine reasons to hate Imam and they are:

1. Delu confessed Imam was his first crush ever. Embarrassed The way Delu breaks into coy blush, protrudes her Chelaram teeth and lowers her gaze each time Imam is near her, infuriates Pillu Paul.

2. Before Imam entered the house, Rajeev Pillu Paul used to imagine he is the best singer in house and used to 'sing' non stop...doing Maa-Behen of lyrics as well as melody! ...Imam's (and Santosh's) humming shattered Pillu's myth and these days he only parks his head in Sana's lap and prays for her to comb his Garnier colored hair!Dead
3. Imam is a style icon, always dressed to kill. Pillu on the other hand appears dressed from stuff sold at Dadar cross street or Shani Bazaar of Worli...Utha le Har maal Pachhaas Rupaye mein...Pacchhas-Pacchhaas..Luta diya Pachhhaas ...is the call Shani Bazar hawkers make to lure Pillu Paul to buy those ugly hooded NIKKE & RIBOOK track suits he wears!!Dead

4. Imam gets up at 6 AM, gives himself a Gillette Fusion Power Shave, undergoes his fitness routine and is active through out the day. Disheveled and disorganized Pillu yawns till 11 AM, scratches his stubble with a foolish grin and WHOLE DAY, he resembles a refugee who just crossed Indian borders illegally after a struggle of 8 weeks!Dead

5. Pillu wanted to do his coochie-coo talks with Sana at night, Imam ruined his mood by offering to be the additional guard during a Big Boss Task! No wonder Pillu started shrieking like a headless chicken before collapsing!ROFL

6. Last Friday, during their dance together, Imam emphatically proved that Imam is the dazzler KHILAADIClap when it comes to dancing and stealing all thunder, where as Pillu Paul ended up a sore loser---a real ANADI!Dead

7. Rajeev is a masochist for pain. Even when his own brother tells him,"Gadhe tu Delu Delu kar raha hai aur woh National TV pe bol rahi hai Tu uske khareede flat mein reh raha hai...", he still does Delu Delu and loiters at her feet!

No such qualms for Imam The Emperor!Thumbs Up When the need be, he takes on THREE Laathi wielding Villagers in Village House, protrudes his bums and says to world,"Ladies & Gentlemen, Presenting to you Ms. AASHKA GORADIA..."ROFL and gives a damn to any one who tries to run him down...Thumbs Up

8. Rajeev tries to brain wash people. E.g. he has done his best to ensure Sana would hate Vishal and stay close to him in his Leechad Hugs camouflaged in garb of 'friendship'. Imam does nothing of the kind and it irritates Rajeev even further!

9. Imam is an out and out entertainer, Rajeev Paul is a huge SORRY when it comes to entertainment! It gutted Rajeev that Big Boss team found Imam worthy of 5 lac rupees last week for being best entertainer in house. Rajeev's buddhi works like,"I am entertaining, Imam is a fool"! Its other way round actually!ClapStarThumbs Up

10. Rajeev has been suffering at the hands of Delnaaz for 14 years, major reason being he deserves suffering and pain. 14 years of Aloo Maggi feed and bad cooking that the couple subjected each other to, has resulted in they making Khichdi that resembles boiled Aloo and boiling Aloos that resemble Khichdi! ...,...

Imam was 100% right in saying he ate mashed potatoes prepared by Rajeev believing it was Khichdi!ROFL  Pillu neither understood that he indeed mashed Potatoes so bad that they resembled a poorly made khichdi nor appreciated the fact that Imam sportingly ate his ghastly Aloos that resembled Khichdi!Dead...Pillu has zero sense of humour and no wonder, neither he was grateful to Imam nor laughed over it...just started shouting resembling a little Ant that drank 10 ml of Vodka!DeadThumbs Down

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