Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Why I like Sapna-The Child & Woman Rolled in One!

Off the people I am watching on BB this season, Sapna is the one who has really touched my heart in some way!Clap

I see her as a very pure soul! At times Childish, at times mature...she can be seen epitomizing a woman's strength one day and can be seen like a little, lost vulnerable child the very next day!

Right or wrong, once she believes in a cause or a person, she is not one to fake it out one bit, unlike most of the shrewd ones in whose company she is entrapped at the moment!

Sapna is not the one who would do one bit calculation that if I save person X, he/ she would not nominate me or one who expects anyone to go out of the way to save her from nominations / evictions. If she felt Salman was lampooning House inmates every Friday, she also had the guts to vent out her frustration on him with fury of Sandstorm Sandy. Did she ever conspire with any one else to take on Salman or Big Boss? No!Smile

When Sampat created a mess over 'Unfairness of Big Baas', Sapna didn't give a damn to consequences and stood behind Sampat like a rock! Even when Sampat came out of confession room and declared "Big Baas ne Maafi maanga hai bhai", Sapna stuck to her guns and dismissed Sampat with a 'its not your fight any more...W*F you mean by he apologized to you in private, let him apologize in public ..."Clap

Sapna can exhibit a very clear line of thinking and a head strong conviction when you would least expect her to do so...(most others in any case are tactical opportunists who may say one thing not believing one bit in what they are saying and why).

Salman was determined to dig deep into Sapna's skin last Friday and was mocking her non stop. ...And once Sidhu intervened, Sapna displayed that other extreme that she hides inside her tough exterior...the little lost child...the way she rushed to Sidhu, sunk into his chest, assured of her safety from that point on-----was as if a little, lost girl had miraculously discovered her father in a crowd of millions! Shocked

Yes, she went overboard yesterday.Confused People like Sapna, tend to put those they love on a very high pedestal. And it is no secret she loves Aseem like her little brother, just as she adores and admires Sidhu as someone she looks up to and will always look up to.

It is just that she will always have this little child trapped inside herself who will get seriously involved with whatever her mind takes fancy to. Yesterday, her mind was thrilled with the idea of somehow reaching out to Sidhu and be able to playfully put colour on his face.Tongue

Sidhu, who was initially accused of not taking BB Silly tasks seriously, has miraculously reached a situation where now he is being accused of taking last BB Silly task too seriously!ROFL...Rightly so, he and his team were doing everything possible so that Hirjee's team would not be able to put Gulaal on his face.

Obviously, there came that point where little Child in Sapna would snap for just not being able to achieve what her mind had been excitedly telling her from the moment the task started,"That I have to color cheeks of my dearest Sidhu ji..."Tongue! It is her commitment to a cause that she believes in, that makes her snap and once she snaps, then where is any place for restraint, logic or measured words?

Sidhu deserves applause for showing an amazing aspect of his personality in this show. Some come to him and say,"Sir behind your back Niketan abuses you, says Sidhu Saab ke liye Kahwa bana ke maine Billi paal li...", some one else says,"Urvashi aapke baare mein kya kya bolti hai..." blah blah.

Has Sidhu ever said EVEN ONE BAD WORD about those accused of back biting him? He would be perfectly justified if for instance he speaks to Niketan and says he treated him like a younger brother and he did not expect him to say something like that...does he do that? NO! It is because he is beyond these things. Neither he does chughli of anyone nor he lets himself get affected by any one doing Chughli of anyone else.Clap

If he is not getting affected by anyone else's behaviour, why would he get affected by Sapna's,Shocked who, in my opinion is closest to his heart in the house.

Time and again he has said, he is going to take care of Sapna and any one can see, Sidhu is damn good in reading people.

If one looks at this Major Saab-Jawaan task, it didn't even take him a few seconds to figure out Vrijesh as trouble maker and more importantly, WHY Vrijesh was being trouble maker. Within minutes Sidhu upstaged Big Boss's entire plans of Vrijesh creating a mutiny (baghawat), by simply isolating the tramp completely!

Such was BB's frustration that it had no option but to change the game, ask Sidhu to choose 3 team members and BB himself formed the Baaghi team with rest!ROFL

If Sidhu can read BB's manipulations so well, would he have any trouble in reading that Sapna needs help?
Why would he get upset if in a moment of rage Sapna flies off the handle and says,"You are coward...aap mere liye mar gaye hain?"---

Deep within, Sidhu would have been hurt, but he is also wise enough to understand why Sapna is doing what she is doing and the moment he sees her mentally collapsing and losing the plot completely, rather than winning a silly BB task, he prefers to surrender himself to this little child and lets her put colors on his cheeks.Clap

Some would remember yesterday's episode for Sapna's seemingly nonsensical rage.

Many others, including me, would remember this episode for displaying a beautiful side of Sapna-Sidhu relationship...its like a dad deliberately losing an arm wrestling contest to his 5 year old son to make his son happySmile...

------Just as Sidhu lowered his tall frame to let Sapna put gulaal on his cheeks, guilt on Sapna's face was to be seen to be believed!Embarrassed----

---A daughter won...just as the father did...Clap

and yes,-------------Big Boss, jeet ke bhi haar gaya!Dead

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