Tuesday, 25 December 2012

100 Onions or 100 Lashes?

*********************************************************************************************************Small Story!Smile

Emperor Akbar was in a very foul mood and who the soldiers bring as captive? A habitual thief who served a sentence almost every month for a few weeks!Wink

Akbar screamed he was sick of arresting this man and releasing him. He asked Birbal,"Birbal, think of a punishment for this fellow that he remembers for life and my mood gets better!"Angry

Birbal said,"O Baadshaah, offer this Zaahil an option of eating 100 Onions or be served a 100 Lashes sentence!" Wink

Seemingly unconvinced, Akbar offered the choice to the wretched man.Shocked
Immediately the thief chose to eat 100 onions. With great difficulty ate 12 of them and smoke started coming out of his every orifice.Cry He begged to be hit with lashes instead. 15 lashes and he started begging for onions again.CryCry

At the end of 2 agonizing hours, the man had eaten 100 Onions as well as received 100 Lashes on him and collapsed!ROFL

Needless to say Akbar rolled up in laughter along with all his courtiers!

SO why this story here?

Don't you guys think Rajeev Pillu Paul proved himself to be this thief like, Sherry Paa ji the Birbal of Story and Big Boss the Emperor Akbar? Shocked

Akbar Big Boss asked Birbal Sidhu to decide punishment, he said let all 12 get punished.

Delu ka Pillu screamed," NAME TWO, NAME TWO, I don't want to be served sentence with all 12!"

Sidhu Paaji got pushed, NAMED TWO (Comedy is he didn't even nominate Pillu)---------and YET!!!! Who finally gets crucified?

Pillu ROFL along with Choosa Aam Kashif ofcourse!

12 Onions or 2 Lashes...Pillu's Kismat is to get stuffed as well as thrashed, EITHER WAY!ROFL

PS: Now I am beginning to understand Delu was right about Pillu Paul after-all!

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