Tuesday, 18 December 2012


What does the Janta think here?Star

Doesn't Rajeev Paul come out as a phoney-nautanki guy?Shocked

I mean come on! As soon as this guy landed in house, fully aware that 55 Cams are there to catch his every hiss and piss, this fellow offers a 'LOUD PRAYER"Wacko-----"Bhagwaan, mujhe sabke saath acchha rakhna---wink-wink-----Sab kucchh theek karna------ummm--aaan---ohhh-----ouchhh----Baaki toh aap sab jaante hi ho Bhagwaan!"DeadCensored

ABEY! Prayer hi karni hai toh mann mein kar le? Bhagwaan ko pray kar raha hai, yaa India Forum ke members ko? Angry

Look at his nautanki and sob stories related to his supposedly ex-wife Delnaaz!

Hmmm...there was a babe called Sarah Khan or some name like that in whose case Big Boss organized his wedding with a guy already married to her.Clap

Now that we know Dillu and Pillu divorced just 3 months before the start of BB-6, and are co-contestants in BB-6, in itself one needs to take their sob story with not a pinch of CAPTAIN COOK NAMAK, but a few packs of the same. As Javed Jaffery used to say,"Kaise zarrr se gira jaa raha hai--HOW BORING?"!Dead

Staged Divorce hai, toh Senti-Menti audience would soon be seen wiping their tears and showering flower petals Clap on their TV sets a few weeks down the line with Urvashi, Dharamveer, Towel on head Murari and Kotak Bank singing:

Mangalam Bhagavan Vishnum
Mangalam Garudadhwajah
Mangalam Pundareekaksham
Mangalayatano Harih

And if it isn't a staged one, then this Nautanki fellow is better off grabbing Dillu's Undertaker arm and try having a heart to heart talk with her. His Sob Nautankis are getting on Cruiser nerves now!

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