Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Vote, Support, Twitter, Flutter-Ensure Imam WINS!!

My dear Fellows! Countrymen! Romans! Americans! Canadians! Australians! Europeans or Indians!!Clap  

The time has come to contribute with all your might and emphatically let Big Boss Creatives know that we stand united behind Imam The Emperor! 

We are for entertainment and entertainment means entertainment galore, not Delu-Pillu Nautanki, Not Aashka Manhoos Goradia's tears galore, Not forced love stories down our throats even as neither Vishal nor Sana seems to be willing to take it forward in direction BB team intends them to!

Santosh Shukla has been unfairly evicted and it would be a tragedy and farce, if only real entertainer in house, Imam Siddique follows suit in coming week. As it is housemates are attacking him by boycotting him! 

Santosh's eviction is a WAKE UP Call and Imam needs your support'..IF Posts, Votes, SMSs, Twitter Bombardment. Do it whatever takes, but do it for your own sake!Thumbs Up  

Imagine this house without Imam! You would be forced to watch Rajeev Pillu Paul parking his leechad face on Sana's laps and telling her his sob stories. Delu's Chelaram teeth and that artificial,"Kaheen naa Kaheen mujhe lagta hai'..yuckkk!"'.Would you have Imam entertaining you or Aashka showing her Manhoos-Chudail face with streaming down tears? Dead


In last few weeks Imam has entertained us non stop with his antics, talent, twinkle toes, gift of gab!
Just a few samples:

1.       In Village House, Four Idiots do not offer any food to Imam, he is least bothered. God knows whether he survived on raw lauki-spinach for two days or BB team quietly fed him in confession room. In retaliation, Imam keeps provoking the four and in evening the three together, Vehshee Darinda Shukla, Pagloo Vrijesh and Thanda Nirahua try to take on Imam together. 

During this fight Vrijesh tries to be smart with a,"Mujhe taras aa raha hai tum par, ki kitni laanat'.." Imam cuts him short with a,"Arey teri shakal hai taras ke quabil'.teri shakal, tere daant'"! ROFL

To Nirahua he says,"Accha Bhidu, us din (referring to his first body suit spectacle), toh aawaaz naheen nikal rahi thhi'''..aise baith gaya thha tu, ab ye aa gaye hain toh aawaaz nikal rahi hai teri?LOL

Wearing his scary mask Imam is eye to eye with Nirahua who says,"Phoonk maaroonga toh ud jaayoge tum'" Imam says,"Accha? Itna dum waala Rickshaw driver, humne toh naheen dekha?"

2.       After this messy fight, Big Boss calls Nirahua to confession room, listens to his version and advises them to maintain restraint! What does our Star Imam do? Acts as if Big Boss has invited him, enters the Confession room, puts on the headphone set and starts with a killer," "shuruwaat uss tucche ne k hai Big Boss--------- woh rickshaw driver--------jo bhi hai uska naam, -------------------main jaan-na bhi nahin chahta!---------------Then he says he doesn't give a damn to people like Hirjee, Nirahua and Kaamdev Shukla and says,"Aise logon ko mujhse milne mein 6 maheene lag jaate hain--------just e-mail pe photo dekh ke decide karta hoon ki milna bhi hai ki naheen---------Then he demands an apology from them and tells his 'Big Boss', that he is not expecting an apology but DEMANDING IT!ROFL

3.       In LIVE FEED, Niketan told Sana...Imam yesterday wore a T-shirt that had THRILLING Printed on it!

When Niketan asked him what for it is printed THRILLING, Professor Imam helpfully explained there are three genders...Stree-Ling, Pull-ing and Three-LING! ROFL

4.       Who can forget this unforgettable one? In Village House, after his re-entry Imam ragged Aashka by putting up a performance! With Aashka sitting, our man entered room and started mimicking her with his bums stuck out and shaking,"Aap toh Mere Baap ki umar ke hain-------Aap ne ye kya kiya-------(and then an accented)'Ladies & Gentlemen, presenting to you, Ms. Aashka Goradia-----)

Look at the GIF of the above Imam spectacular:

And after 2 days, once in Main House, Imam gave make up tips to Sana and said,"Oh God why do people do scary, gaudy make-ups-----the last girl who got evicted---had those thousands of dots on her faces, what was her name?? And Sana-Sapna say Aashoo?---Imam-Oh yeah, whatever! ROFL (He didn't give a single hint he had spent a nightmarish time with this Chudail Aashka who manipulated 3 men against him in last few days!LOL

5.       Remember Imam Siddique's One Line brilliance to Nirahua? --------He asked---And the Winner IS? Winner IS?? IS ka Matlab?? Kya hota hai IS ka matlab??'YESSS IMAM SIDDIQUE!!!Clap

6.       Aashka-Imam Ji, thodi over acting kar rhe hain aap!---Imam laughing and,"Jo standards aapne set kiye hain, wohi follow kar raha hoon meri jaan'."ROFL  

7.       Or recall that little gem-----in Bathroom Corridor area, Shukla says to Imam,"Shukla kabhi haarta naheen, aur jab haarne lagta hai, toh maarne lagta hai!"

Imam looked at him quizzically for a split second and replied,"Imam naa kabhi haarta hai aur naa Maarta hai, eeehahahahaha"---and ran away fro  there!ROFL

8.       Imam says to Urvashi,"Nice jeans"!

Urvashi says,"Kal bhi toh pehni thhi!"Shocked

Imam,"Haan lekin top doosra thha na!!" Geek ROFL

9.       Someone who has gone out of house, left behind his underwear, which Urvashi is saying to Delu stinks now!LOL

Imam who has the cleaning responsibility, doesn't want to throw them as he says later if some one says MERE THHE...toh bawaal ho jaayega!...

So now ladies want Imam to throw them away and Imam insists on each one confirming first that they have no claim on the stinking Kacchhas whatsoever!ROFL

10.   Sana says Khaali club mein maza naheen aata!Shocked

Imam says khaali club mein hi toh dance karne ka maza hai...khulla naacho..koi disturbance naheen!!!WinkLOL  

  11. Imam is a non stop laugh riot even when he is alone and has no one for company! Recall his own 'song' ROFL  

Gaon waalo, apni murgi sambhaalo...
Gaon waalo apni Murgi sambhaalo...
Murgi tumhari karegi jo Masti...
Toh Murga mera karega Zabardasti..."!!!!ROFL

12.   Imam says to Vishal do have any idea why you were punished on stretcher?

Vishal says,"BB sochte honge waise isko footage milti naheen, shaayad stretcher pe mil jaayegi!"Shocked

A very worried Imam, very SERIOUSLY says"Mera toh Big Boss ko samajh hi naheen aata hoga naa? Ki kya rakhein aur kya edit karein??"ErmmROFL

And just in case someone who has missed the intelligent side of Imam and only noticed his antics and non-stop provocations, here is the message he delivered for humanity in world:

Five point message of Imam, that he spectacularly delivered to two Cams in Village Bhoot Ghar and some would surely recall:

1. Please offer seats to women...I find it disgusting that men do not get up even when they see a disabled woman, one with kid, elderly etc...he said!Clap

2. Imam said do not spit around, it is dirty, unhygienic and conveys a very bad image of you and your country! You have every right to enjoy your PAAN, but respect the road and walls, just as you respect your own house and its walls and front, said Professor! Thumbs Up

3. Do not answer nature's call as and where you please! Imam said people casually sit here and there and shit and pee---chheee-chheee'chheee, it is dirty, tauba karo, aisi baaton se kisi ka khoon tak ho sakta hai---Chheee, Mat karo ye!!DeadClap

4. Please treat Buses, Trains as your own property and keep them clean!Thumbs Up

5. Think of economic crisis in developed countries where poorer people have started digging out food from dust bins...PLEASE DO NOT WASTE FOOD and respect what you have!ClapThumbs Up

* He went on to add, women must be respected...and then delivered his punch line-----...yahaan ka mahaul (Aashkain Village House), thoda different hai, but woh kahaani phir kabhi...ROFL

Imam rocks and together, we ALL can ensure he keeps rocking-------..ALL THE WAY!!!PartyDancing


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