Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Ramsay Brothers approached to save Big Boss-6!



Cruiser Times" has learnt that Ram Say Brothers, the legendary film makers of India's staple diet of Horror classics like "PURAANA MANDIR", "SHAITAAN SAAMRI", "PYAASI CHUDAIL, "THARKI BHOOT", "KAMEENI BHOOTNI" etc., are the ones who have been made completely responsible for designing the Spooky Big Boss Village House and given a free hand in selection of Inmates for this house!Geek

Alarmed by low interest and pathetic viewership this season, Colors Channel and BB Team have been forced to think something out of the box and hence this request to Ramsay Brothers!

One look at interiors of this horror house + inmates of this house, confirms our investigations!Shocked

Imam Siddique looks frighteningly like Aashka Goradia and both in turn resemble Shaitaan Saamri who too must be hiding somewhere inside the house and will emerge once 4-5 reels of this 'film' get unleashed on awestruck and scared viewers like you and me!Cry

One suspects, Nirahua is the low budget hero of this Spooky show from Ramsay Brothers and will finally kill all Khooni Aatmas like Saamri, Aansoo-ka Goradia and Imam Siddique with the help of a Christian Cross / Shiv Ji ka Trishul or Ajmer Sharief ka Taaweez!!Clap

It all adds up...and its scary!!!





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12m @lofted_shot
@ImamSiddique Imam, hope you laugh at this one bro- http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3296528 '

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@lofted_shot lololololololol HYSTERICALLY FUNNY!!! WELL DONE. KEEP THE FAITH.

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