Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Sidhu Ji faced nastiest bouncer & Ran 3 Runs as Substitute!

Yesterday Salman took a jibe at Sidhu Paa ji, referring to Sampat's volte-face and Sidhu jokingly referred Sampat's conduct to 'nastiest bouncer he faced in life...'!

A bit later, Salman did his best to provoke Sapna with a relentless,"Baat naheen karna chaahtiAngry? ----Baat naheen Karna ChaahtiAngry-----Koi baat naheen...Evil Smile"-----and when she started answering, Sallu Miyan was at his provcative best,"Neeche sur mein--Dheere boliye..Angry." kinds...

It was at this point Sidhu Paa ji did what was absolutely stunning. He not just stood by Sapna like a rock but staked his own neck into the whole affair with a,"Sapna haar-jeet ke liye naheen aayi hai yahaan...kyunki is ghar mein yehi hai jise kucchh bhi khone ka koi darr naheen hai. --------------Aur koi agar mujhse kehta hai (means shut up Salman), ki Sapna yahaan jeetne ke liye aayi hai (meaning would resort to unfair means), toh main samjhoonga Navjot SIngh Sidhu Zindagi ko samjha hi naheen...usne kucch seekha naheen."Clap

If only Bheeshma Pitamaha or Guru Drona had stood up and put their foot down, even as Draupadi was being disrobed in front of a whole court by Dushashana, script of Mahabharata would have been entirely different!Cry

If Sidhu Paa Ji hadn't jumped in, stood by Sapna and cut short Salman, script of yesterday's BB episode would have been entirely different too!Tongue

Thanks to Sidhu Paa ji's emphatic stand, Big Boss's Mahabharata that scripts Salman as Dushashana every Friday, the script got altered to:

All I can say is Hats off Sapna for retaining your Calm and not falling for the bait of provocation that was relentlessly flung in your direction...Clap
And Sidhu Paa Ji...you not only faced the nastiest bouncer of your life in form of Sampat ji, ...-----------------but much more importantly---------------------running as a substitute, you ended up running three runs, where batsman Sapna, was likely to get run out without completing a single run!Clap

BRAVO...Thoko Taali---khataaak!!!ClapClapClap

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