Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Vaayu Devi & Vaayu Dev of BB-5 & BB-6!!!

Chehre Pe Taqleef aur Lagataar Khatti Dakaar!,
Contipated Looks, Dono ki Shaqal pe Dard ki Maar!!

Vaayu Vikaar (Gastritis)  ke Bhayankar Shikaar,
Niketan Madhok aur Juhi Parmar!ConfusedGeekCry

Heavy dependence on Isab Gol, Kaayam Choorna, Kaala Khatta Chooran------often found in lying down positions executing silent launch of secret gastric missiles, frequently passing on blame of their KARMA on their unsuspecting neighbors with a scornful,"Chhee" look and Masters of Shaastron mein likhit Maha Daan---GUPT DAAN (Secret Donations) !Dead

Had these two been a couple, one suspects Municipality Corporation of Mumbai would have razed down their apartment on valid grounds of pollution level exceeding the permitted norms by a whopping 1643 times!Geek
**NOTE: An honest Jury, I believe would declare Juhi Ji winner by miles! Perhaps, new members can check out this thread to learn WHY:

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