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Sana Khan is no naive kid! She knows her game & how!

For God's sake stop treating Sana like innocent kid...Because she isn't!

Sana is a street smart young WOMAN (not kid), whose priorities in life are clear and she wants to BE the top! And nothing wrong in that!Smile

So many girls flock to Bollywood, TV world with dreams in their eyes, ambition in heart! Some get a head start because of their illustrious parents / grand-parents / relatives in the industry, whereas some have to fight their battles the real hard way and find their way to stardom, or join thousands of those who tried and got lost somewhere down the passages and ravages of time!

Cut to Sana...

Does any one remember her entry into Big Boss Season-6? What did she say to Salman??

SANA: Salman, ab main is raaz ko raaz naheen rakh sakti---mujhe sabke saamne ye bataana padega, ki main jiske liye banaayi gayi hoon, ya jo mere liye bana hai----wo sirf TUM HO, TUM HO AUR TUM HO!---aur mera dil yehi fariyaad karta hai ki wo aapki yaadon mein gum ho, gum ho, gum ho!
(Asks audience)'.Hum saath mein acche lagte hain naa?
Salman asks, kya aap Kadar Khan ki relative hain? Our babe says,"Naheen, but main Salman Khan ki relative ban-na chaahoongi!
SALMAN: Kitni kareebi relative aap ban-na chaahengi meri?
SANA: Jitna kareeb aap aane do!---Wo toh aap pe depend karta hai!--Ye mere dil ki baat hai!...Jee haan, ye mere dil ki baat hai!

Call her entry lines a banter, call it the way of her speaking...but for God's sake don't say she is a naive, kiddish bimbo, because she is not! She very well knows the rules of game and knows what it takes to get there...and what are her options to make it!

Years ago, in her teens she did series of Amul Kacchha toing ads which were perhaps ahead of their times what with those seductive self lip bites and all...but Sana did it and got a toehold in advertising world

It is definitely not easy for a girl with little / no connections like Sana Khan to bag a major Bollywood films and she went about the task by doing dare-bare scenes in C-graders and did a few films down South, where I guess she has some kind of a name and popularity!

So please, if any one considers Sana a naive, ignorant, little kid next door...banish the thought! 

She is in glam world, knows the rules, plays by them and actually deserves applause for managing a pretty firm foothold in advertising world and now perhaps, will get roles / item numbers in Bollywood productions as well!Clap 

Her recent ads with Salman Khan and her entry into Big Boss, is a positive confirmation of her astute career moves and an indication, that she is steadily making progress there!

And by the way, has any one pointed out that these yatra dot com ads have been shot a bit before Sana Khan entered Big Boss Season-6! Can it be concluded that she actually has befriended Salman Khan before / during these ad shoots? Perhaps, even the reason why she made it to BB-6 in the first place? ShockedErmm  

Sana has gone about her career moves in a calculated manner and reached where she has today, inspite of her I would say pretty ordinary looks (no doubt she is charming...but lets be fair here, there are so many out there who are like Sana or lot more attractive and talented as well)...

If she is that smart in real life, she certainly can't be a naive, gullible, dumbo-bimbo in Big Boss House, as she projects her many a times and as some tend to believe here. She most definitely, knows what she is doing!Clap  

When Vishal ignored her and was obviously smitten by Karishma, Sana spared no effort to blast both of them to any available pair of ears! For hours she used to criticize Vishal as well as Karishma! So much so that it made Sapna lose her fuse with a,"You want to go back to Vishal..GO! But don't go on saying to us for hours next time that he is like this, like that!..."

When Vishal returned from Villag Bhoot Ghar, he figured out he would never be able to make much of a progress with Karishma. Perhaps he was treating Karishma to be an easy kill, which she clearly wasn't!Star  

So, tails tucked, Vishal came back to Sana,Embarrassed (driven more because of nominations-evictions reality of the house and confident, that he can easily get Sana and thus an assured supporter in house). Vishal was right and Sana promptly came back to him, forgetting her endless hours of bitching about him!
Rajeev Pillu Paul has been an interesting character in this story.Dead He garbs his lecherousness with big words like 'friendship', 'dosti' 'rishta' etc., and Sana is smart enough to understand that she gains nothing by losing this dumbhead (and his assured support)! Thumbs Up  

Thats why, she plays along and frankly, enjoys Rajeev's company! No one else even smiles at Rajeev's 'jokes' while even if he says he needs a glass of water, Sana goes kwinkLOL kwinkLOL kwinLOL kwinkLOL khronkPig khronkPig spree of hers and starts rolling in laughter!Ermm  

Rajeev did his best to wean Sana away from Vishal. Vishal himself, naively imagines Sana doesn't understand that Rajeev is hitting on Sana whereas Sana is absolutely clear how exactly she intends to use both these jokers and goes about it in an absolutely determined manner!Wink  

Once Vishal exited out of house, when she was upset with Rajeev and not talking with him, for a moment I too got fooled and thought indeed this girl is a very naive and innocent one. Shocked
Like me, so many imagined, she is in love with Vishal, and has finally realised that Vishal was right in convincing her that Rajeev confessed his attraction to Sana, confessed he tried to poison Sana's mind against Vishal and confessed he was jealous of Sana-Vishal friendship (all in that silly Lie Detector game)...  

Upset she was with Rajeev no doubt and was even snapping at him for more than 2 days...but over what? Lo & behold! She was upset because Rajeev had in last few days spoken to Karishma at times and thats what was rankling our 4mm nose cutie!Geek ShockedErmm  

Sana is no different from any other girl who befriends a man for a perceived benefit and gets extremely upset / jealous if she notices her trophy, hobnobbing with another girl!Tongue  

Karishma, can never match Sana...Infact, when Rajeev Paul was getting cold shouldered and boxed by Sana in last few days, in yesterday evening episode, Karishma was shown saying to him,"Even if Sana is upset with you over something and you think she is not right, please understand she is younger, just 25 and being elder, you should understand her and forgive her!"...If only she knew, the girl whose case she was pleading, was only upset because she was imagining Karishma to be encroaching on her beloved Pillu!Confused...How wonderful Karishma would have felt after watching yesterday's episode?ROFL  

Sana is anything but a naive / kiddish girl! She is smart, knows her game, is possessive about her men and can back bite, bitch and throw tantrums, if she perceives men in her grasp to be slipping away!Clap...
If some one believes Sana is indeed a bholi-bhaali, innocence ki moorat, chhoti si ladki, in all probability  he / she, is is the one who is actually simple and gullible in life! Definitely not Sana Khan!Star  

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  1. Very nice. Perfect analysis of a chaaloo babe.