Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Pillu Paul Ke Hazaar Roop-Big Boss ki Nautanki!!!

Did any one believe it when Salman Khan declared Pillu Paul is the one going out of house tonight?Dead

Even after Pillu had completed his LEECHAD HUGS Dead,with all female inmates and cold-formal jhappis with all males, even when he pulled his little Strolley, at least this Cruiser BILLA had a Mayawati type frown of disbelief and utter contempt on his face and did not have doubt even for a fraction of a second's millionth fraction that its Choosa Hua AAM thats ultimately going out! Confused


For one full week, poor Choosa Hua AAM Kashif made an appearance for a few seconds. If you blinked when he was on screen, YOU MISSSED HIM!Cry

Tonight Urvashi said Kashif keeps singing lovely songs for him. Did anyone have a clue AAM Kashif sang too?

Kameena Big Boss.Angry

All they have been showing  are hazaar roops of Pillu!

Shaayar Pillu, Cook Pillu, Sacrificing Pillu, Lover Pillu, Gum-Sum Pillu, Cheerful Pillu, Fuddu Pillu, Melencholic Pillu, Dillu ka Pillu, Sayantani-Toing-Aashka ka Pillu, Angry Middle Aged Pillu, Onion Chopping Pillu, Finger slicing Pillu, Angootha Chussu Pillu---------------------Pillu ke hazzaaar Roop!

Nautanki! bakwaas!Angry

Choosa Hua AM Aadmi Kashif Quereshi Rocks!Clap

Pillu Paul Sucks!Dead

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